DBT distro 1st 2014 update

The recently announced "S" LP1 released on digiCD by russian DeathKnell Prod. is finally available for purchase via DBT. Only 20 copies available from here, the price is: 25zł + postage. Foreign customers shall check at DeathKnell Prod. first.

We also have some copies of the magnificent ArchDaeva last opus on CD. The price is: 25zł / 7$ / 6eur + postage.

The Total Negation's double-EP tape price is 11zł / 4eur / 5$ + shipping

Note that some small discounts have been applied to few items at the Distro section.


"S" debut fullengh finally on CD

Courtesy of devoted russian label DeathKnell Productions the first "S" untitled album is now available on digiCD format.

Additional info and samples HERE.

Alternative layout commited by DKP.
Includes english translations of the lyrics, courtesy of herr Ergates.
Limited to 100 copies.

We shall receive few copies of this one soon.

In the meantime you may be interested in checking out Total Negation's "Zur Späten Stunde | Zeiträume". We have literally few copies of the tape released by Cold Void Emanations (11zł / 4eur / 5$ + shipping).

In the works...

This short note is just to let you know that there are many things being worked out in regards to DBT right now...

As for the upcoming "S" releases (EP, the 'Accoustic Sessions' album and LP2) the only things left to be recorded are vocals and clarinet lines, still this may take some time to be completed.
I've been also busy with my solo projects recently. Most of these works are now almost finished and they include In The Court Of A Broken Flesh - s/t mLP
among the others. Listen to the sample tracks here: https://soundcloud.com/deadbodytemple

The CD versions of "S" and "Strzępy"'s debut albums are also being worked out at the DeathKnell stable. The drums for "Strzępy" will be re-recorded and there will be a new cover artwork for "S" LP1.

Nonetheless, the distro will be closed till the begining of October due to the actual lack of time and conditions.


Looking for a label for Hebdomas CD release

Though the CD versions of both "S" and Strzępy's tape materials shall be soon released via the russian Death Knell Productions, we are still looking for a label that would be interested in pressing the Hebdomas - Spirytualny Defetyzm on limited CD format. Feel free to mail me if you are anyhow interested in releasing or co-releasing this stuff.
Thank you in advance

DBT distro 3rd update!

Most of the awaited stuff have finally arrived, hence the 3rd DBT's distro update is announced. Check out the distro panel for descriptions.

DBT distro 2nd update!

Check out the distro list for details... The new section with zines was added.
There's still plenty of stuff on its way from different parts of the world right now, so the next update will most possibly take place before the end of April, stay tuned...


The second distro update is soon to come - we are waiting for the stuff from: Kuunpalvelus (fin), Darkness Shade Records (uk), Egg of Nihilism (Portugal) and few more labels. Expect them on the beggining of April.
We'll also stock few copies of the Kaleidoscope zine (issues 11, 12 consisting of two separate parts and 13).

Also, the delayed CD's from DeathKnell Productions (rus) are finally available.

                              DBT distro first update!

    We are proud to announce our first update in the distro section. This time we bring you releases from three labels, about which you may have already heard here and there. They are: Preposterious Creations from France, Colloquial Sound Recordings from USA and Atomic Vision from Slovakia. All of those releases are defnitely gems worth checking out, so grab them before they're gone - we have only few copies of each in stock (just a bit more than you can see on the photo). Find more information about each release in distro panel.
    P.S. Polish customers: note that relatively high prices of the tapes are due to high shipping costs and exchange rates - still it's a lot cheaper than ordering from the origin labels so I guess my effort here as a d-i-y distro isn't futile.


      The Dead Body Temple is finally erected, announcing its first offerings on the tape format. You can find out more about them on the "releases" page here. Few words about our upcoming activity should be apt to mention here. Based in Wrocław/Poland, this humble shrine will be devoted to release our audial incantations, which may take diverse forms, varying from death/black metal to more experimental mixtures taking from ambient/folk and even jazz, on tape format. Althrough we are not circumscribed to one basic genre, our main interest is black metal and its soul-wise akin emanations, and that's the vector in which we'll push our activity both as a label and distro. At this time we are NOT looking for any projects/bands to release, but that may change in the future. As a distro our focus is to cooperate with foreign labels/distros so that we can provide to our polish underground scene releases that are hard or unable to find here or simply too expensive to get for a individual customers.

      Note that DBT is a d-i-y effort invoked by only 2 people, therefore we cannot provide ultra-fast service. Moreover, since our means are limited, the number of copies available through our distro will be rather low. Always ask before ordering AND provide your address so that I can reply with info about the availablity of requested title and postage.